luxury & Green.
Luxury & Green.   Contemporary sitting room
L&G                  3
L&G .
Luxury& Green staircase
Luxury&Green     .
L&G  Wine cellar
Luxury & Green   Bathroom
L&G sea view living spaces
Green wall for bathroom
atrium with view
L&G                 .
L&G entryway design
Luxury&Green dining room
L&G walk in closet
Luxury&Green Bedroom
Luxury&Green Bathroom
Luxury&Green Bedroom 2
L&G bathroom

Our beautiful bespoke houses offer an exclusive lifestyle experience unlike any other… encompassing art, design, uniqueness and high-end luxury with state-of-the-art technology seamlessly built in.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable and passive, we invisibly integrate high efficiency solar and other Green technologies within our building designs.

Every aspect of your dream home is designed to your specifications:

We comprehensively cover the entire process of building a bespoke luxury, contemporary home to your requirements through consultations with our architects, specialists, interior designers and garden landscapers. And, If you require, specific art and unique collaborations can be interwoven in the creation of your home.


Specialist interior design:

Art can be used as the focus of inspiration for your home interiors. A painting, sculpture, installation or even a vase, can provide a wealth of inspired colour, shape, style and ambience which can transform spaces into the extraordinary and beautiful. 

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Art Consultancy:

Specialist curators of fine art and masters can advise on the  purchase, display, and storage of works of art.

  • AAA* Gold Certified technology implementations
  • Full guarantees on build, materials, parts and systems
  • Zero carbon footprint during and post construction
  • Bio-building; using non-toxic products and materials 
  • Floor and heating by Thermal and Infrared Ray
  • All-year-round ambient temperature
  • Solar powered E Charging points



Wine consultancy:

Leading wine experts will advise on purchase and storage of exclusive and rare wines and provide world-class Sommeliers to discover your exact requirements.