We specialise in the design and build of beautiful bespoke houses with invisible integration of our pioneering solar, green and build technologies.

Our prestigious, bespoke homes combine sustainability with the epitome of luxurious living and every aspect of building your dream home is covered by our comprehensive, individual service. 


We build in the location of your choice, anywhere in the world...

We are able to locate suitable building plots in your desired location and manage all aspects of the purchase procedure as well as building, planning applications and permissions.

Our houses are carbon footprint free, energy independent off-grid and passive, offering an ultra-luxurious but healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We use only the highest quality AAA* Gold Certified materials and bio-building (non-toxic products throughout).

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Other benefits of our structures include:

  • Ability to build on steep and difficult terrain
  • Structure capable of withstanding hurricane force winds over 200 kmh
  • Earthquake resistant over 7 on the Richter scale
  • Flash flood protection

Each project is tailor made to your specifications and requirements. Architect designed, built and finished according to your preferences including the interior design and garden landscaping.

Innovative build technology:

Thanks to our unique building methodology, we are able to construct a house in a matter of weeks (instead of the months of a traditional build). Our precision engineered steel frame structures offer a higher standard of quality than site built homes and have a unique blend of structural steel coupled with an innovative wall system which are built in a controlled environment and designed to reduce installation time.


Sustainable refurbishments:

Our highly specialised technology department also offer individual, tailor-made solutions to existing properties to significantly improve environmental performance, energy efficiency and energy savings. Combined solar and insulation technologies enable us to convert the current energy system to a renewable system without impacting in a visually negative way, either on the property or the surrounding environment.

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